Guitar Pic Box w/ Picks!

Product image 1Guitar Pic Box w/ Picks!
Product image 2Guitar Pic Box w/ Picks!
Product image 3Guitar Pic Box w/ Picks!
Product image 4Guitar Pic Box w/ Picks!
Product image 5Guitar Pic Box w/ Picks!

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A thoughtful and unique way to gift your music lover, friend, bandmate or yourself! This solid, hardwood guitar pick box is crafted from solid Walnut or Maple. We do not use plywood or any other cheaper wood & stain like some of our competitors.

We encourage you to customize the name of this box, or come up with a design of your own: band logo, meaningful lyrics, drawing or anything else you can think of. (Please see the note below on customizations)

Each box starts its journey as a rough cut piece of lumber from the local sawmill. We process and mill the lumber in our woodshop, and craft each box hand and using light machinery. After the box is complete we laser engrave the design onto the box using a top of the line laser engraving machine

This followed by our finishing process of lacquer (and in some cases organic beeswax mixture) to help protect and bring out the beautiful hardwood

After crafting the boxes from rough cut lumber in our woodshop, we engrave them with our high-quality laser engraving process. Customizations can be made for free so long as they are within reason. Otherwise, a small charge will apply.

Please read below for customizations.

🔥 BONUS 🔥 We are currently offering a bonus for a limited time! With your order, you will receive 3 Wooden guitar picks.

Made of maple, walnut or padauk wood. This is much cheaper than ordering individually. This will not LAST long.


You are ordering 1 solid guitar pick box of either maple or walnut. And as a LIMITED TIME, you're also receiving 3 custom guitar picks to go inside!

  • ğŸŽµ The box and picks are a wonderful gift for the musicians in your life and for any occasion
  • ğŸŽµ 3 BONUS picks INCLUDED! ***⚠ LIMITED TIME ⚠*** (maple, walnut, padauk). Have them say whatever you want!
  • ğŸŽµ Crafted from SOLID Canadian Hardwoods. Making the build strong and the "feeling" of quality.
  • ğŸŽµ Multiple coats of Lacquer for a beautiful shine and protective finish. This will last for many many years!
  • ğŸŽµ 3 separate holder pockets to store up to 15 guitar picks securely
  • ğŸŽµ Customize with your favourite lyric, band logo, drawing, or anything you can dream up to make it extra unique. Ask us about customization!
  • ❌ Please be aware of cheaper boxes made by the competition. Made of plywood and stain.
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